John Deere Rep Refuses to Help – August 15

Just got a call from Pape Machinery in Woodland, the shop that has been diagnosing the engine failure. Essentially, the engine is seized and beyond repair. Their JD rep, who they wouldn’t share the name of with me, is refusing to do anything to help with the situation. I was told that had it been a situation where the engine could be repaired, they would have covered the cost for the repair, but they will not replace the engine for this sub-200 hour tractor, regardless of the design flaw that has resulted in many other engine failures and replacements. If I was the original owner, I was told, it might have been a different case.

Very expensive lesson learned. Even the most well known brands out there, like John Deere, won’t always stand behind their product when it fails, even in situations where there is a PIP (JD’s Product Improvement Program) for a non-safety related design flaw or mechanical defect.

This is a huge blow. I could understand if this was due to misuse or neglect, or if the tractor had thousands of hours on it. But the fact that it’s a very low usage tractor AND there is a known defect for this model year that has been known to cause this exact type of engine failure… it’s mind blowing that JD would leave their tractor owners high and dry in this situation. We’re talking about John Deere!

Buyer beware. If you are looking to buy a used John Deere 1025R tractor, even with very low hours on it, have a mechanic do a compression test on the engine and be sure it doesn’t have any internal damage due to a cracked valve cover – even if the air cleaner assembly is no longer mounted to the valve cover. It might not be noticeable, but even just a crack can allow debris and dirt to get into the combustion chamber and cause damage. John Deere is fully aware of this problem, and has replaced many engines under warranty because of this problem. Be warned that they will not help everyone who experiences catastrophic engine failure.

It might be worth looking for a Kubota or another manufacturer if you’re looking for a used sub-compact tractor.

Not sure what I’m going to do next. Unless JD changes their position in this case, I’ll have to start shopping for a remanufactured engine.